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Design of fully enclosed steel structure space frame coal shed (Part 2)

3、coal storage structure node design and construction

(1) The node plays the role of connecting and intersecting the rods in all directions, dispersing and transferring the load. A reasonable node must be reasonably stressed, clear force transmission, easy to make, easy to assemble, safe and reliable. The choice of node form and structure system, force nature, rod cross-sectional shape, production technology shout installation method. The most important node in the construction of arch support hinge and arch hinge, generally can be used plate hinge, bolt hinge socket hinge or balance hinge and other forms. Arch hinge node is more complex than the general node, finishing points cost is also higher. However, when the temperature changes, because the arch hinge can be rotated, so the temperature stress can be released.

The plate hinge is directly connected with steel plate and bolts; the socket hinge has a special support groove into which the round part of the arch foot is placed, and it is usually cast, but it can also be welded with steel plate, and it is usually fixed with anchor bolts to the foundation; the balance hinge has the upper and lower balance fast composition, and the cylindrical roller shaft is closely placed in the round groove of the balance fast. The arch hinge is bolted to the upper and lower balance fast through the base plate, and the two are required to be closely combined, and the lower balance block is fixed to the foundation with anchor bolts. The construction of mortar hinge or balance hinge is more complicated, but the force performance is good.

(2) Solid web steel joist construction node, steel joist composed of upper chord, lower chord and web is usually connected together by connecting plate. The thickness of the joint plate is determined by the internal force of the rod, and its outline size is determined by the length of the welding seam or the arrangement of the bolts as required by the enlarged sample.

(3) Steel pipe joist construction nodes, steel pipe joist construction, then special pipe joist nodes are required. Here, the nodes of pipe joist do not use nodal plate, hollow ball or bolt connection, but steel pipe nodes with steel pipe directly welded to each other. At the junction, the two main rods in the same axis are connected to each other, and the other rods can be welded directly on the outer surface of the connected rods after careful processing through the end inertia line; the non-connected rods are left with a certain gap at the junction area and may also partially overlap.

4、Working technology of coal storage structure

The components and joints of coal storage structure have been almost standardized, and the on-site installation step beat is also more skillful. After the structure components and nodes are made together, they are transported to the site for assembling. The reasons to be considered in the method of working equipment are: the shape of the structure, the safety aspect and the length of working time, the span and weight of the structure, and the form and shape of the structure. The working methods of large-span coal storage structures are divided into three categories: assembly method, sliding method and integral forming method.

(1) Assembly method. The basic idea of the assembly method is to assemble the rods or small units of the structure, including the high-altitude bulk method, the block and strip lifting method and the cantilever installation method. The method of high-altitude bulk installation is the first method of work, which is to build scaffolding under the structure, and then build a working platform above the bracket, and transport the small parts to the working platform above, and then you can directly install the work in the calculated position.

(2) Sliding installation method. Slip method is the individual plane parts or divided into strips of parts in the original set on the wheel slide slip belt design position, in the installation into the overall work step beat. Slip installation method supporting scaffolding parts using few parts, bracket assembly saves a lot of time, so that the work progress is accelerated, the work costs reduced.

(3) Integral forming method. The level of work technology has been progressing, showing some time when the structure of the overall forming method of work. At present, the overall forming method includes the work method of climbing dome, folding and unfolding work method and arch truss work method. The PLANDA dome system is able to bend and work at a height close to the ground, which can save a lot of scaffolding quantity. Working on the ground, safety is not only guaranteed, but also makes the working method more convenient, productivity is substantially improved, work quality is guaranteed, and quality management is also facilitated.