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In which countries are glass domes more popular?

Glass domes are architectural structures of unique beauty and functionality that are widely used around the world. Here are some countries where glass domes are more popular:

dome roof

USA: The United States uses glass domes extensively in modern buildings, especially in commercial buildings, shopping centers, museums, and other places.

France: Some landmark buildings in France, such as the Louvre, also use glass dome structures, giving people a sense of coexistence of art and technology.

China: China has made great progress in urban development and modern architecture, with many large commercial centers, train stations, airports, and other places adopting glass domes as urban landmarks.

Germany: As a leading country in technology and engineering, the use of glass domes can also be seen in many modern buildings in Germany.

UK: Some historic buildings in the UK have also adopted modern glass domes, such as the British Museum in London.

UAE: Arab countries such as Dubai are known for their lavish architecture and large shopping malls, and many of these buildings have adopted glass domes to add a modern touch to the city.

Japan: As a highly modernized country, Japan also features glass domes in many of its modern buildings, such as shopping malls and exhibition halls in Tokyo.

Overall, glass domes are widely used around the world, either as part of modern architecture or as a modernization of historic buildings, adding beauty and utility to buildings.