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Spherical space frame construction analysis

Spherical space frames are an important part of new spherical engineering buildings. For some large and small engineering buildings, many of them are constructed by using spherical space frames. With regards to the spherical space frame, welding ball manufacturing is one of the very common methods.Spherical space frames have strict quality regulations for the production of each prefabricated part, especially for the production and manufacturing of welded balls. During the construction of the steel structure space frame project, the total arc welding width of the welding ball should be maintained at 22-25mm, and the amount of misalignment is about 1~2mm. It is required that some electric welding problems such as air outlets and gaps should not appear. 

dome space frame structuredome space frame structure

After the arc welding project is constructed, as far as possible, there should be staff to test the construction results. If there is a product quality problem, try to deal with it in a short period of time to ensure that the production of welding balls does not damage the overall steel structure space frame.