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Liuzhuang Coal Mine Coal Storage Yard System Technical Transformation Project

The axis size of the space frame shed for coal storage yard is 120m (1-16 axis) * 300m (A-Q1 axis), and the height is 45.2m. It is composed of two parts and belongs to a large space frame steel structure coal shed project. The space frame support is in the form of point support for the concrete column of the lower chord single row support, and the space frame support acts on the concrete column. 16 supporting points are arranged on each side of the gable wall, a total of 32 supporting points; 39 supporting points are arranged on each side of the longitudinal wall, a total of 78 supporting points; a total of 104 supports are arranged.

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According to the characteristics of this project, the entire space frame is divided into two construction sections, the first section is A-V axis, the second section is Q1-W axis, and the V and W axis expansion joints are used as the dividing plane. Worked out the best construction technical plan of “starting from the A-axis and Q1-axis gable space frame, crane cooperation, and ending in bulk at V-W.”

The construction of the project is difficult, the construction site is complicated, and the construction standards and requirements are extremely high. Since the space frame entered the site for construction, it has experienced the test of continuous rainy days. The project department strictly follows the safety, quality control, epidemic prevention, and orderly control of the construction process, and has successfully realized the space-framed concrete foundation division, the main steel structure space-frame south and north gables, and the two sections are combined and docked.

Construction node.

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During the construction process, the coal storage shed department carefully organized, scientifically arranged, carefully controlled safety and quality, and completed the major construction node of the main space frame docking in advance, which was recognized by Party A. In the follow-up project, the project department will continue to strictly control the safety and quality of the project, accelerate the construction of the project with a high degree of enthusiasm and full spirit, and ensure that the project construction tasks are realized on schedule