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Overall lifting construction of large steel structure cantilevered roof

Overall lifting construction of large cantilevered roof

A particular cultural square is the main building, podium, and air nest created jointly, and the structure of the main building is one of the main buildings, a total of 19, divided into two parts, the biggest characteristic of this tower is at the ends of the tower to connect massive frame, forming a certain cultural model, showing the whole city. The height of the large roof truss is 80 meters, which forms a stable structural system through the corridor. Meanwhile, the vertical damper is used to control the vibration and ensure basic safety. According to the survey, most cultural squares adopt this kind of structure, and the use of its material is a large steel frame structure. This kind of structure has a large size and strong bearing capacity, which can bring people broad psychological feelings. It is also a good choice for an exhibition hall and large studio.

Span, the height of this type of steel structure cantilevered roof project and higher quality, using the normal construction procedures can not install, such as before and after the span, 106 meters of a cultural square, nest in the use of steel structure construction, encountered difficulties, only from the middle part of the construction, but because of the height of the middle part is higher, thus brings to the construction of the great dangers. In the construction process of the square, generally to the construction of the main building, you need to set aside the extension of the basement in advance, before the end of the distance construction, need to consider the construction time limit for a project, and at the beginning of the steel structure before use, first of all, should make sure that the main building construction site clean, no construction waste, the main building of the civil part is completed, and then to steel structure construction, This is the basic construction procedure.

Analysis according to the present stage of the construction process, the corridor of the construction process can be divided into three regions, the three regions, respectively refer to the lifting area A, B, and C in ascending area, the area C nest in structure design need to be in the original position of the assembled on the ground, to ensure that the bulk of the construction after the completion of the high altitude work smoothly, and at the same time ensure that the steel structure installation order, Ensure the stability of the in-situ assembly.