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Precautions when welding steel structure plant

1.During the welding of steel structure plant, it is strictly prohibited to fire and arc on the base material other than the welding seam.

2.According to the different thickness of the steel structure plant plate take corresponding preheating measures and interlayer temperature control measures.

3.Welding deformation of steel structure plant has a great influence on the construction quality. Therefore, measures should be taken to strictly control welding deformation.

4.When the steel structure plant implements segmented multi-layer multi-pass welding, the welding slag and surface spatter should be cleaned up in time after each welding, and the defects affecting the welding quality are found and should be removed before welding.

5.When the steel structure plant is to be continuously welded, attention should be paid to controlling the temperature of the base material in the welding area to ensure that the temperature between layers meets the requirements. In special circumstances, when welding operation is interrupted, heat preservation measures should be taken. When welding again, preheating should be carried out again and the preheating temperature should be higher than the initial preheating temperature.

6.After welding in the steel structure plant, weld slag and weld seam should be carefully removed. There shall be no defects such as biting edge, porosity, cracks and flying edge on the surface of the weld. There shall be no geometric difference on the surface of the weld. The base material shall not be damaged by cutting the connection plate and removing the backing plate. The surfaces of the connecting, importing and exporting plates shall be smooth and even after planing.

Welding of steel structure plant is a method of linking the components of steel structure plant, so attention must be paid to the welding, if it is not up to the standard, it will affect the stability of the steel structure plant itself, and it is likely to lead to the steel structure plant itself is not up to the standard of the degree of solidity, so as to produce the collapse, which will result in the loss of property and threaten the life of the workers in the plant.