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Roof bounding system-space frame

Many applications require roofs or covers that are flat, or curved. The spaces frames can be used both in flat and curved surfaces with various geometries. Rectangular space frame, square space frame, and triangular space frame are most commonly used in space frame geometries.


The advantages of using space frame include:

1)Lightness in weight is the most advantageous feature of the space frame which is especially useful in the case of long-span roofs.

2)The building efficiency of the space frames is higher as they built in simple prefabricated units of standard size and shape and can be easily transported and assembled rapidly by skilled manpower.

3)In spite of being light in weight, a space frame is sufficiently stiff. The three-dimensional property of the space frame and full participation of the constituent element give it the required rigidity.

4)Exceptional ability to resist the heavily concentrated and unsymmetrical load.Increased flexibility in layout and positioning of columns.

5)They possess a versatility of shape. They can utilize a standard module to generate flat space frame, lattices, or even free-form shapes.


These advantages of space frames make them the best choice for the construction of roof structures whether it is the flat or curved surface.