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What preparations need to be done before steel structure installation?

Steel structure, with the characteristics of high strength, light weight, and deformation resistance, is popular in the current construction industry. It is one of the high-performance building structures and is used in some large-span enterprise workshops, gymnasiums and other buildings. Very extensive. However, in order to ensure the construction quality of steel structure workshops, relevant preparations need to be made before installation.

Preparation work before installation of steel structure workshop:

  1.Familiar with the drawings and process documents, make technical (including safety) clarifications, so as to clarify the installation and welding sequence, precautions and safety measures;

  2.Prepare relevant process equipment, complete hoisting equipment and necessary mechanical and electrical equipment, and conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of the equipment;

  3.Reasonably adjust the construction personnel according to the construction period;

  4.Properly clean up the construction site to facilitate operation;

  5.Prepare all the labor protection supplies that need to be used, and implement safety production and installation measures.


It can be said that adequate preparation is the basis for ensuring the quality of construction. While preparing for the above work, we must also pay attention to many aspects during the construction of steel structures to ensure construction safety and quality.