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What are the advantages of sports stadium membrane structure

The membrane structure of the sports stand is like the membrane structure in other public places. It generally adopts a modern construction method, combining beautiful curve shape with smooth construction techniques, so that the venue can still maintain a sense of space in the case of insufficient space. The membrane structure of the sports stand deviates from the traditional structure, which not only saves installation time, but also maintains practicality, and even makes the effect more beautiful in terms of color embellishment.

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What are the advantages of sports stadium membrane structure

  1. Large span specification

After the basic area of the sports stadium is determined, a mold structure can be designed on the top of the area for shelter; however, because the membrane structure itself is light in weight and has better seismic performance, it can also be used without more support. Can overcome long-span occlusion. Even if the membrane structure is used on a larger area of ​​the stands, as long as the supporting function of the central structure is reasonable, no matter how large the span is, it can be realized. To a certain extent, this saves the area used by the sports stands, and also creates the value of no line-of-sight blocking.

  1. A lot of artistic sense

The traditional structure similar to the stand membrane structure is the sunshade. When it reaches a certain size and area, it is necessary to add columns to play a supporting role. However, the membrane structure can not only break through the traditional construction method, but also add other shapes and colors to enhance the overall artistic effect of the membrane structure.

For example, while playing a blocking role, you can also take uneven artistic shapes to make the curves and colors on the top richer. While not lacking in structural value, it also brings a certain amount of enjoyment to the visual perception.

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  1. Energy saving and conservation

Although there are many colors that the membrane material can adopt, in fact, you can feel its essential light transmittance when you look outside through the inner side of the membrane structure. This is enough to show that the material used in the membrane structure is not thick, and the membrane structure material has the advantages of environmental protection, so the overall energy saving and saving effect can be fully reflected in the material.

And if it is from the perspective of installation and relocation, the mold structure can also be disassembled as a whole, and it can also be relocated as a whole. It is precisely because the construction and transportation can be completed quickly in a short period of time, the characteristics of saving and energy saving can be more thoroughly reflected.

  1. Good safety factor

Although the span of the membrane structure is large and the proportion of supports in the middle is small, there is no need to consider its safety, because the membrane structure itself is light in weight and has excellent shock resistance. In addition, the basic characteristic of the membrane structure is a flexible structure to withstand greater displacement, so as to achieve the result that is not conducive to the overall collapse, so the safety factor is not low.

  1. Wide range of application

Whether it is from the perspective of the construction form of the membrane structure or the installation effect of the membrane structure, it can be used in various fields and has a wide range of applications.