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Airport Terminal Steel Space Frame Structure Roof Metallic Building Construction

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Airport Terminal Roofing

The roof space frame structure of the airport terminal metallic building project adopts a hyperboloid steel space frame structure, with a length of 299m in the east-west direction and 76m in the north-south direction. About 13,700 pieces of seamless steel pipes are used for space frame rods, and about 4,000 bolt ball joints and the total steel consumption is about 600t. The maximum height difference of the roof steel space frame (the maximum height difference between the upper and lower chords) is about 8.2m. The lower part of the roof steel space frame (except for the overhanging part) is a 6.2m floor for civil construction.

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The biggest advantage of the airport network truss roof lifting scheme is “in-situ assembly + partition overall lifting”. This lifting process is the first case in Yibin and belongs to advanced-level technology. This construction process can simultaneously start the roof space frame assembly on multiple working surfaces, and at the same time intersperse the construction of fire-resistant coatings, saving the construction period. In addition, moving a large number of high-altitude operations to the floor can not only ensure the construction safety of workers, but also ensure the construction quality of the space frame structure, and reduce the safety hazards of high-altitude operations.

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The total investment of the airport project is about 220 million yuan. The total construction area of the terminal building is about 24,000 square meters, with two floors above the ground, and the structure is a frame structure. It is estimated that by 2020, the construction of Yibin Airport will be completed. It is predicted that the passenger throughput will reach 800,000 passengers, the cargo and mail throughput will reach 7,000 tons, and the civil aviation aircraft will take off and land 10,000 times.

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