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Indoor training hall large-span welded ball space frame roof

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The main structure of the indoor training hall is a square pyramid space frame that is evacuated. The steel structure space frame is mainly composed of 3 horizontally assembled units and 6 vertically assembled units. The maximum span of the steel truss roof is 42.5 meters, the height is 22.5 meters, and the weight is 80 tons;
The total construction area of ​​the sports complex hall project is about 45,000 square meters. It is planned to integrate diversified functions such as tennis halls, taekwondo halls, indoor tennis training halls, sports supporting rooms, and central sunken squares. With the concept of innovation, it creates a multi-dimensional sports Cultural exchange and sharing space

Tackling technical difficulties: Adopt positive evacuated quadrangular pyramid 

welded ball space frame roof

1. The “tower support in-situ high-altitude assembly” plan for the steel space frame in the overall lifting has the difficulties of a large amount of temporary structural measures, high economic cost, low work efficiency, difficult alignment of high-altitude hoisting, and high risk of personnel operating at high altitude.
Based on the structural characteristics of the steel grid, the project adopts the steel grid lifting technical scheme of “ground assembly + in-situ 4-point lifting + surrounding high-altitude repair”, and the steel space frame is assembled on the ground in situ.
2. Use synchronous control system, stroke, and displacement sensor monitoring technology to carry out the process from the structural stress condition

welded ball space frame roof
Analysis, pre-arching, reinforcement, hoist installation, pre-hoisting, anti-power-off drop test The TC6513 tower crane was used to assemble on the 1F floor, using 4 lifting points, using the overall hydraulic synchronous lifting construction method raised to the design level.

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