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Prefab Sport Stadium Cantilever Roof Truss Structural Design

A sports center project is planned to be “one field and three-sport halls” (stadium, comprehensive gymnasium, swimming pool, and national fitness complex). The total construction area is about 132,000 square meters (including a stadium of 42,772 square meters with about 30,000 seats; a gymnasium of 33,967 square meters with about 7,500 seats; a swimming pool of 23,933 square meters with about 1,500 seats; a national fitness complex about 29,424 square meters; other building areas about 1731 square meters).

steel sport center

1. Architectural Design Ideas

The architectural design of the Sports Center Stadium is inspired by the bowls in Song Dynasty porcelain, and the architectural details simulate the texture of the petals of the chrysanthemums of Kaifeng City. The combination of the two creates a delicate and delicate architectural texture.

Sports Center Stadium


2 Structural difficulties and highlights

The main structure of the stadium adopts a reinforced concrete frame + space steel structure tube truss structure. The stand structure adopts a reinforced concrete frame structure, the partial frame column adopts a section steel concrete column, and the stadium cantilever roof canopy adopts a space steel structure triangular pipe truss.
In addition to covering the stand area, the roof canopy is also used as the building’s external frame. At the same time, the cantilever on both sides of the column top support is large, and the truss root fulcrum does not fall to the ground. Therefore, the structural design difficulties of this project are as follows:

(1) The steel structure canopy has a large coverage and a unique shape;
(2) The stand is a stepped type, with no obvious structural layer, and the vertical stiffness is uneven;
(3) The support point at the top of the steel structure canopy is supported by a partition column, and the column height at the north and south stands is relatively large, and the fulcrum at the root of the canopy does not fall to the ground and is supported on the side of the frame column of the outer stand;
(4) The arrangement of stands and streamlines leads to complex elevation of structural components;
(5) It is necessary to ensure that the upper roof and the main structure of the lower stand work together.

stadium truss roof stadium structural design

Highlight 1:
The structure of the lower stand adopts a reinforced concrete frame structure. The length of the lower stand is about 235m in the north-south and east-west directions. The lower structure is not divided and is an ultra-long concrete structure.

Highlight 2:
The steel structure cantilever canopy adopts the space triangular tube truss in the radial direction and sets the support truss and the annular tie rod in the circumferential direction. The connection joint between the main truss and the stand section steel concrete column adopts the anti-seismic spherical hinge bearing to weaken the influence of temperature stress. Through the comparison of the design schemes, for the main truss bearing joint, if the welded joint is used, due to a large number of joint stiffening plates, some of the stiffening plates are welded. The difficulty is that can not guarantee welding quality. Therefore, the main truss support joints are cast steel joints.

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