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The steel structure roof of the sport stadium was capped

stadium steel structure design

The Nanhai sports stadium construction project has a total area of ​​about 29,000 square meters and has 10,000 seats. It can host international basketball events, including a multi-functional convertible main stadium and an affiliated training hall. The shape is like a conch shell, giving the Nanhai Sports Center the design concept of a dragon leaping over the sea.

The steel structure stadium is a space shell structure, which is mainly composed of six ring trusses + radial trusses. The maximum span and maximum installation height of the trusses are 119 meters and 36.24 meters respectively, and the projected area of ​​the space shell is about 13,700 square meters.

steel stadium design
The roof shape of the steel stadium is a nautilus bionic design, using a partially ribbed single-layer space shell structure. The radial grid is consistent with the spiral appearance of the building, echoing the front and rear of the building, and is connected to the lower concrete structure through radial sliding bearings and V-shaped columns. Connected, the projected area of ​​the roof steel structure is 14,000 square meters, the span is 119 meters, and the maximum structural height is 36.24 meters.

sports hall stadium steel space frame

The appearance of the sports stadium project in the sea area looks like a “conch”, which is very romantic and marine. The steel structure includes the roof truss and the roof ring truss in the canopy area. It adopts a divergent circular spiral drop structure, mainly composed of six ring trusses. 119 meters, the canopy area is composed of plane trusses and wind-resistant inclined steel columns.

stadium steel structure design
Cast steel joints are used in the centralized position of the welding seam of the gymnasium components, and the spacing between the web members of the pipe truss is set. The management team has disclosed the assembly and welding sequence of the members in advance, which can effectively reduce the number of hidden welding seams and ensure the welding quality of the components.

stadium steel structure
The overall steel structure gymnasium is about 4,000 tons, the steel structure has been hoisted more than 3,600 times, and the welding seam has been completed for more than 13,700 meters.
The sports stadium project adopts the method of ground segmental assembly and high-altitude segmental hoisting, develops a special assembled tire frame for the ground, and carries out the assembly of an annular truss with the spatial inclination and indeterminate curvature. , to ensure the accuracy of truss assembly and installation

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