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Construction of the roof space frame of Ningwu county gymnasium

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The construction site of Ningwu County Gymnasium Project is located Dahebao Village, Fenghuang Town, Dongcheng District, Ningwu County, with a total construction area of 10600㎡. The roof adopts bolt-ball space frame structure, which is 112m in length, 86m in width, 20.55m in height, 3.4m in girth overhanging part, and 120 curved skylights. The support mode of the space frame is multi-point column support of the lower string, and the support adopts tensile sliding support. All steel members in the structure are Q235-B.

The space frame structure of Ningwu Gymnasium is a dangerous space structure with large span and complex structure. Construction from raw materials to components processing factory, and layer upon layer checks. During the installation of the space frame, we carefully organized the construction personnel, and strictly implemented the construction plan. Measure step by step from rod hoisting to assembly. After more than 40 days of intense construction, accompanied by the completion of the last space frame unit assembly, the roof space frame construction was declared a successful end.