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Stadium Bleachers Solutions

Engineering characteristics

Stadium space frame features:

1.Public buildings,requiring extremely high security.

2.The shape is unique,but because of the use requirements with less support,the design and installation are more difficult.

3.arthquake resistance,wind and snow resistance.

4.rability is required to avoid long-term non-maintenance affecting the safety of use.

Application area

1.School stadium bleacher roof space frame

2.City sports center stadium roof space frame

3.Stadium space frame structure

4.Football stadium bleacher roof space frame

5.Track-and-field stadium bleacher roof space frame

6.Skate stadium bleacher roof space frame

7.Natatorium bleacher roof space frame

8.Diving hall bleacher roof space frame


The stadium stand space frame is generally a cantilever structure,which is derived from attaching the commanding platform and seats. For large stadiums,the stadium stand space frame will be folded around to form a magnificent stadium appearance.

1.The BJMB structure has multiple statically indeterminate structures,the internal force will be automatically distributed and automatically adjusted,the force is multi-dimensional,and the safety is extremely high,especially suitable for sports venues.

2.The shape is easier to implement,but the support method is often not the best,with fewer columns and more overhangs,and stadiums tend to be more expensive

3.It can be used as a refuge in disasters,and it is extremely resistant to earthquakes and wind and snow (reinforced during calculations).

4.The anti-corrosion of the surface must be done well,otherwise the future maintenance will be very difficult,and it will also cause the use cost.

Process description

1.Design process:

The space frame structure used in the stadium should be used to calculate the internal force and displacement under external load,and the internal force and displacement under earthquake,temperature change,bearing settlement and construction and installation load should be calculated according to the specific situation.

2.Production process:

(1) The key to the processing of the rods of the space frame frame is the welding of the sealing plate or the cone head and the steel pipe. The specification requires the welding seam level to be two. Although the general space frame frame processing plants are equipped with automatic welding machines,the angle of the welding gun,The speed and the azimuth and speed of the swing still need to be manipulated manually. They will ultimately have a great impact on the welding quality of the space frame rods. Therefore,the space frame processing plant needs to have a set of mature,proven and effective rod welding Craftsmanship.

(2)Bolt ball processing belongs to precise finishing. The accuracy of the final angle of the screw hole is the key to the quality of the bolt ball. The key to the angle accuracy is the accuracy of the tooling fixture.

(3)The key to the processing of the bearing support is the verticality of the component and the quality of the weld.

3.Installation process:

The construction plan must be backed up and used in combination. The structural instability during the installation process is the most dangerous factor. The installation sequence and improper methods will cause hidden safety hazards in use. It is recommended that the installation of large stadiums be carried out by skilled LF workers. Most of the on-site installations are bolted (according to the structure type and calculation results).

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