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Toll Station Solutions

Toll station features:

1.Construction in the middle of the road requires that the short construction period. Toll stations on newly built roads are generally outside the city and are not convenient for accommodation. Toll stations on old roads will occupy road traffic.

2.Unique shape and high safety level,it may be damaged by unforeseen external force. The safety of the support position needs to be evaluated.

3.Enclosing structure and logo signs are subject to high wind force,which requires special reinforcement treatment to prevent damage to personnel and vehicles caused by the wind.

4.The project is simple and small,the construction cost is cheap with less price reduction space. 

Engineering characteristics

1.Good resistance to wind,snow and earthquake. The rigidity of the space frame toll station structure is high with better structural safety.

2.Easy to install,can be used as soon as possible.

3.High degree of factory processing,80% of the processing can be completed at the factory,which is in line with the characteristics of national prefabricated buildings.

4.Convenient installation,just crane.

5.Short construction period,500~1000 square meters can be installed in one day.

6.Convenient side shape handover

Application area

1.Space structure of highway toll station

2.space structure of attrection toll station


The toll station is not only located at the intersection to collect car tolls,but also acts as a city card. The first impression of a city is often formed at the toll booth. The design of the toll station needs attention,especially the toll station at the entrance of the city should be done as a city image project.The grid structure has small steel consumption,good integrity,simple maintenance,long service life,high degree of factoryization,rich modeling,and short construction period,which is very suitable for toll station engineering.

The toll station can be realized by various structural forms,such as space structure,membrane structure,pipe truss,and special-shaped steel structure.The roof can adopt colored steel plates,and the surrounding sealing plates can sdopt 4mm aluminum-plastic plates or aluminum plates. The toll station logo is generally at or above the cornice.Highway toll station reconstruction projects generally have the characteristics of short construction period,small construction site,and half opening to traffic during construction.LF has rich experience in the construction of toll stations,and most of the owners are recommended to adopt the space frame structure. The sapce frame structure has a high degree of factoryization and fast installation on site. It can be hoisted in whole or half width.

1.Factory manufacturing,fast installation on site. Short-term occupation of roads.

2.The safety of shape,support and structure is easy to be evaluated by professional calculation software.

3.A strong enclosure structure is adopted to increase the fixed amount to avoid wind damage.

4.Simple design is friendly to install and mass purchase.

Proess description

1.Design process:

It is necessary to consider the conditions of use and increase the number of support columns as much as possible. When conditions permit,consider the safety of missing columns (the disadvantage is that the cost increases).The shape is as simple as possible,avoiding  too many types of components and  increasing  the workload during installation.Considering wind farm environment and increasing wind resistance as much as possible.

2.Produce process:

All components are factory-manufactured.

3.Installation process:

According to the road traffic,make a reasonable installation plan. The plan is as simple as possible and can be installed by local workers.

LF-BJMB owns the perfect process of design, manufacturing & construction.LF can build different appearances of space frame structure.
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