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Industrial & Logistics Workshop Solutions

Engineering characteristics

Industrial & logistics workshop characteristics:

1.Rapid construction,can be put into use in a short time.

2.Limited cost budget and low construction cost.

3.Limited use period,generally less than 50 years.

4.The H-shaped steel components are large and difficult to transport. The space frame components are small and durable,and the cost is slightly higher than H-shaped steel,which is suitable for longer-term use.

5.In the structural design,the cost of a factory building with fewer supporting columns in the middle is generally higher.

Application area

1.Logiustics warehosue space frame structure

2.Structural roof of farmer market

3.Garment factory workshop

4.Structural roof of Seafood market

5.Space frame roof of aquatic products market

6.Space frame structure of Shipyard


The design life of the space structure is generally 50-100 years,withstanding the test of various working conditions and even natural disasters,which needs the designer to consider  rigorously and carefully . The structural design is only after dozens of working condition calculations and iterations before the final result is obtained!

1.The construction period of H-shaped portal steel frame is shorter than the miniaturization structure.

2.The H-shaped portal steel frame is cheaper (the span is limited),but the safety is slightly worse.

3.The H-shaped portal steel frame generally has a short service life (the design life is also 50 years).

4.The H-shaped steel frame is not as frindly as space structure to transport.

5.BJMB structure is cheaper and safer if there is no support column in the middle of the plant.

Process description


(1)Accuracy of wind load.

(2)Initial construction of the model,scientific column grid division will greatly reduce the follow-up work.

(3)When designing bolts and ball joints,pay attention to the size of bolts according to the axial force of the rod.

2.Production process:

(1)The key to the processing of the rods of the space frame is the welding of the blanking plate( or cone) with the steel pipe. The specification requires that the welding seam level is Level Although the space structure manufacturers are equipped with automatic welding machines,but the angle,swinging position,and speed of the welding torch must be manually operated,which have great impact on welding quality.  Space structure manufacturers need to have a mature,proven and effective welding process for rods.

(2)The bolt ball processing is fine processing. The accuracy of the screw hole angle is the key to the quality of the bolt ball. The key to the angle accuracy is the tooling fixture.

(3)The key to the processing of the bearing support is the verticality of the component and the quality of the weld.

3.Installation process:

The components are processed at the factory,bolted on site,and the installation speed is fast. It is necessary to pay attention to the hidden danger of instability during the installation process,which requires try to  build the necessary temporary support or fixation.

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